Some Lists Inspired by the “Semi-Pro” Review…

I have recently started to feel like bringing back the random list-making that is inspired by each review I put out. Here are some favorites from things related to the last film I reviewed, Semi-Pro.

My 5 Favorite Will Ferrell Performances

1.Stranger Than Fiction
2.Winter Passing
3.Talladega Nights
4.Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

My 10 Favorite Woody Harrelson Performances

1.The People vs. Larry Flynt
2.Natural Born Killers
4.White Men Can’t Jump
5.A Prairie Home Companion
6.The Hi-Lo Country
7.A Scanner Darkly
8.Wag the Dog
9.No Country For Old Men
10.The Thin Red Line


2 Responses to “Some Lists Inspired by the “Semi-Pro” Review…”

  1. itallstarted Says:

    Will Ferrell – agree with Stranger Than Fiction. An awesome and often touching performance. How fantastic it was to see his “serious” side! I think he needs to ditch the slapstick stuff (that has served him moderately well, I admit) and develop his ability in more serious roles. He’s a bit like Robin Williams – I love it when he does his funnyman thing (what a way with words that man has) but I love him even more in his serious roles eg. One Hour Photo, Good Will Hunting. Will needs to take a leaf out of Robin’s book. And my god, wasn’t Blades of Glory a film to be forgotten!

  2. Ferguson Says:

    I totally agree with you here. I know Ferrell will never fully ditch the wacky thing (which is understandable considering he has to keep feeding the audience that loves him for it) but it would be awesome to see him branch out more, which I think he will as he gets older. Williams is DEFINITELY better as a dramatic actor. I loved him in those films you mentioned, and also stuff like “Insomnia” and “The Night Listener”. And yes, “Blades of Glory” was ridiculous, but “Semi-Pro” was even worse. That’s bad.

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