New Lists, Inspired by the “Charlie Bartlett” review…

My 3 Favorite Anton Yelchin Performances

1.Hearts in Atlantis
2.Charlie Bartlett
3.Alpha Dog

My 15 Favorite Robert Downey, Jr. Performances

1.The Singing Detective
2.Less Than Zero
3.Natural Born Killers
4.Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
7.Wonder Boys
9.Two Girls and a Guy
10.Game 6
11.Short Cuts
12.A Scanner Darkly
13.Soap Dish
14.The Gingerbread Man
15.Air America

My 10 Favorite Hope Davis Performances

1.American Splendor
2.The Secret Lives of Dentists
4.The Matador
5.The Weather Man
7.About Schmidt
9.The Hoax
10. Proof


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8 Responses to “New Lists, Inspired by the “Charlie Bartlett” review…”

  1. Robert Says:

    We are going to need a “Top 5 Coen Bros. Films” in honor of “No Country,” & a “Top 10 Clooney Performances” in honor of “Michael Clayton.”
    It’s only right.

  2. Ferguson Says:

    I am going to post those lists next, then…but I have a proposition. You also do a Coen and Clooney list, then send it to me and I will post both together. Sound good?

  3. Robert Says:

    Well, I have yet to see “Michael Clayton.” I will do that this weekend, then get back to you Monday…

    Also, out of curiosity, have you seen “Northfork,” and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

  4. Ferguson Says:

    I did see “Northfork” when it came out in theaters, I think maybe in ’03 or something. I am a huge fan of the film, it’s underlying themes, and the outstanding style of Michael and Mark Polish. I really liked a couple of their other films as well, like “Twin Falls Idaho” and “The Astronaut Farmer”. The only one I haven’t liked from them so far is “Jackpot”, but “Northfork” is just very good…probably my favorite from them so far. I need to revisit that. Nolte is one of my favorite actors. Underappreciated.

  5. Robert Says:

    Top 5 Coen Bros. Films:
    5. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    4. Fargo
    3. The Big Lebowski
    2. No Country For Old Men
    1. The Man Who Wasn’t There

    Top 10 Cloney Performances:
    10. The Perfect Storm
    9. Three Kings
    8. Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
    7. Good Night, And Good Luck
    6. Syriana
    5. Solaris
    4. Michael Clayton
    3. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    2. The Good German
    1. From Dusk Till Dawn

    Call me again this week & we’ll make it happen.

  6. Robert Says:

    Misspelled “Clooney.” What a dumbass. haha

  7. Ferguson Says:

    Awesome man. I will post each of our lists together very soon. I will call you sometime in the near future.

  8. Ferguson Says:

    …and I will make sure to put “Cloney” when I do post it…haha

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