What Is Happening To Me?

I am not writing any film reviews right now…

…but I must let you know that for once it is not because I cannot write….

…I just have not thought about even watching a film in the past three weeks…

…which is something I never remember thinking…

…but it will come back soon, I can feel it…

…for now I am writing material for the new Ferguson album…

…yes, that’s right. first one in four years….

…stay tuned…


10 Responses to “What Is Happening To Me?”

  1. BROKE AS A JOKE Says:

    oh….i thought blanca beat your ass into submission….

  2. Ferguson Says:

    Ha. He didn’t…at least I don’t think he did. That would be a masterfully bashed beating.

  3. iwatchedthismovie Says:

    hi… it’s Sleeperz from RT. This is a nice movie crib you’ve got here. I’m glad to read your reviews again. RT has definitely been lamer since you were gone.

  4. Ferguson Says:

    Oh wow, hey! It’s been such a long time since I last spoke with you or exchanged suggestions on films. Thanks for stopping in and checking it out. Your RT spot was one of the few that kept me interested in that place…I really do need to check in on yours again because I do miss them. How are you?

  5. BROKE AS A JOKE Says:

    how about a review of Drillbit?

  6. Ferguson Says:

    I’ve actually started one. Just need to finally finish it. I am getting into the reviewing frame of mind again.

  7. Robert Says:

    Did you delete your MySpace? What’s going on here? You were in my top friends and you silently disappeared…

  8. iwatchedthismovie Says:

    Sleeperz here again. I’m doing fine, man. Trying to get back into the habit of reviewing movies regularly. I actually have a blog at wordpress, which I’ve kept hidden from RT. I post my entries there before RT. Here’s the link: http://iwatchedthismovie.wordpress.com/

  9. Ferguson Says:

    I grow apart from things like myspace, so I have deleted it yet again. Besides, this is my true space.

  10. Ferguson Says:

    Sleeperz, it is awesome to know that you’re on here as well. I will certainly be keeping up with your thoughts, because I have always admired them and enjoyed reading.

    I know what you mean about trying to get back in the habit. I’ve found lately that I am more trying to get in the habit of writing than actually writing.

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