14 Favorite SILVER JEWS Songs – A Comparison of Lists!

Today I was thinking about David Berman and his incomparable writing, a lot. I remembered more than I have in a long time just how appreciative and lucky I have been to know of the Silver Jews for around 7 years now. I still remember it like it was yesterday, spending my Christmas money at the local Best Buy in 2001, not sure of what albums to nab, stumbling across an intriguing CD cover called Bright Flight. The name of the band caused me to chuckle a bit and I was interested enough to pick it up and take a look. When I saw some of the track names, including “Horseleg Swastikas” and “I Remember Me”, I literally burst out into laughter, people all around me leafing through the latest Nickelback CD’s that were popular at the time and staring at me. I had never heard of the band at the time, so I initially assumed the group was some sort of joke that made comedic recordings. I bought the album based on the design and names alone, listened to it through over the next couple of months, not digging into it as deep as I could, just laughing my ass off. I was 17 years old at the time so it would really be about six months to a full year before my music tastes made it to the true lyric appreciation stage. After that time had passed and I was viewing music in a different way, I revisited Silver Jews and the Bright Flight record which I owned, and fell in love with the genius of Berman’s words. “I wish they didn’t set mirrors behind a bar, because I can’t stand to look at my face when I don’t know where you are.” I love this band.

Earlier today I made it my personal mission to create my favorite songs from this band, but it couldn’t be the expected top 10 choices. I randomly decided on making a top 14, for some reason it felt right. I have asked other Jews lovers, my friends Corey and Elissa, to join in and add their lists. They humbly accepted my invitation. Without further ramblings from myself, here are our 14 favorite Silver Jews songs…

ELISSA’s 14 Favorite Silver Jews Songs
1.Pretty Eyes
2.Room Games and Diamond Rain
3.Pet Politics
4.The Frontier Index
5.Ballad of Reverend War Character
6.Horseleg Swastikas
7.Slow Education
8.Black and Brown Blues
11.New Orleans
12.I Remember Me
13.I’m Gonna Love the Hell Out of You
14.Trains Across the Sea

COREY’s 14 Favorite Silver Jews Songs
1.Black and Brown Blues
2.Trains Across the Sea
3.How Can I Love You (If You Won’t Lie Down)
4.Pretty Eyes
5.Random Rules
6.I’m Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You
7.I Remember Me
8.Living Waters
10.Advice to the Graduate
11.Room Games and Diamond Rain
13.Blue Arrangements
14.Inside the Golden Days of Missing You

My 14 Favorite Silver Jews Songs
1.Death of an Heir of Sorrows
2.Pretty Eyes
3.Slow Education
5.How To Rent A Room
7.Random Rules
8.Friday Night Fever
9.I Remember Me
10.Room Games and Diamond Rain
11.New Orleans
12.The Frontier Index
13.Long Long Gone
14.Sleeping is the Only Love

Our Favorite Silver Jews Albums

1.The Natural Bridge
2.Bright Flight
3.American Water
4.Starlite Walker
5.Tanglewood Numbers

1.The Natural Bridge
2.American Water
3.Bright Flight
4.Tanglewood Numbers
5.Starlite Walker

1.The Natural Bridge
2.Bright Flight
3.American Water
4.Starlite Walker
5.Tanglewood Numbers


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15 Responses to “14 Favorite SILVER JEWS Songs – A Comparison of Lists!”

  1. elissa Says:

    I think we should cowrite a music blog of some sort.

  2. Ferguson Says:

    I think that’s a very good idea. We should.

  3. fiendinacloud Says:

    mark kozelek book is great. you will have to borrow and read it.

  4. Ferguson Says:

    I cannot wait to read it. Almost pissed that I didn’t buy one for myself. Thanks for the stamp lending for the free disc.

  5. John Says:

    1. Room Games and Diamond Rain
    2. Sleeping is the only love
    3. Random rules
    4. Pretty eyes
    5. Hot to rent a room
    6. Suffering jukebox
    7. I remember me
    8. Advice to the graduate
    9. People
    10. Tennessee
    11. Slow education
    12. Send in the clouds
    13. I’m getting back into into getting into you
    14. Strange victory, strange defeat

  6. paul schuster Says:

    no list. but I am so completely excited about getting to see the joos in a few weeks. linked your lists to a recent blog post.


  7. Ferguson Says:

    Wow man, thanks so much for the link in your post. I really like the blog, adding it to my bookmarks because I know I want to find myself around there again.

    Yes, the Joos going on a fairly massive tour is exciting, and I will be seeing them come October! Hope you enjoy when they visit you!

  8. Craig Says:

    How can no one have put Federal Dust??? Also…American Water is def. best album.

    1. Blue Arrangements
    2. Federal Dust
    3. People
    4. Trains Across The Sea
    5. Sleeping Is The Only Love
    6. We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing
    7. Wild Kindness
    8. Advice To The Graduate
    9. Room Games And Diamond Rain
    10. Living Waters
    11. Friday Night Fever (this song is a cover if you didnt know)
    12. Suffering Jukebox
    13. Send In The Clouds
    14. Tide To The Oceans

    1. American Water
    2. Starlite Walker
    3. Birght Flight
    4. Tanglewood Numbers
    5. Natural Bridge

  9. Craig Says:

    Although I probably love American Water the most because of my love for Pavement.. Hit me up if you need help on a top 14 of Pavement songs 🙂

  10. Corey Says:

    im going to kill myself because they are playing 21 and over here!

  11. Malibu Sands Says:

    1. Death Of An Heir Of Sorrows
    2. Send In The Clouds
    3. We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing
    4. Trains Across The Sea
    5. We Are Real
    6. Suffering Jukebox
    7. K-Hole
    8. Room Games And Diamond Rain
    9. People
    10. Pet Politics
    11. Horseleg Swastikas
    12. The Poor, The Fair & The Good
    13. Punks In The Beerlight
    14. Dallas

    1. American Water
    2. Tanglewood Numbers
    3. Bright Flight
    4. Starlight Walker
    5. The Natural Bridge

  12. DC Says:

    1. tanglewood numbers
    2. american water
    3. natural bridge
    4. lookout mountain, lookout sea
    5. bright flight
    6. starlite walker

  13. Michael Evans Says:

    I’m arriving super late to this discussion. Oh well. I just dug back into my Jews collection and came up with my lists.

    1. Natural Bridge
    2. American Water
    3. Bright Flight
    4. Starlite Walker
    5. Tanglewood Numbers

    1. Pretty Eyes
    2. Black and Brown Blues
    3. Trains Across the Sea
    4. How to Rent a Room
    5. The Wild Kindness
    6. Smith and Jones Forever
    7. We Are Real
    8. New Orleans
    9. Blue Arrangements
    10. Dallas
    10. Advice to the Graduate
    12. Time Will Break the World
    13. I Remember Me
    14. Slow Education

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