“Harold & Kumar” Should’ve Stopped While They Were Ahead.

R, 102 minutes, Warner Bros.

When the film Dude, Where’s My Car? came out a few years ago, I went to see it. I still have no idea what made me want to go and pay for a ticket to see a movie with such a ridiculous name and no premise at all, but I did it. The movie was indeed a worthless piece of trash, although I won’t deny that I chuckled a bit on occasion. It failed to deliver any kind of consistency in its nothingness, because I definitely wasn’t holding the fact that it had no story against it, for good stupid comedies do not necessarily need one. This brings to mind the next film from the same people that brought us that movie, a film with an even longer and equally idiotic title, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. The two movies are essentially the exact same in every way: two hammerhead guys (although Harold & Kumar at least have some brains) go on a random, pointless journey through a world that basically exists nowhere but inside the film itself and with a destination that truly defines what it means to be a slacker. What they did wrong in Dude, Where’s My Car?, they did surprisingly right in White Castle, and in spades. Harold & Kumar was so frequent with all the right ingredients for a great slacker comedy that I’d go so far as to include it on my top ten surprisingly great comedies of the last five years. Needless to say, the film’s hilarity came out of left field.

Developing a stellar following after the first Harold & Kumar was released to video, it suddenly became more and more possible for fans of the characters to anticipate their story go on someday. I, for one, was very happy to hear that Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay was actually going into production. Four years later, the two are back, and in the opening seconds of the sequel we are welcomed back in a classic way, in the very same spot where we left them last. The introduction in this second film was very promising and had me extremely excited and anticipating nothing less than another frequently funny ride with the guts on an excursion into Amsterdam. From the second the opening titles emerge, which are just after the opening sequence that worked so well, the film is almost entirely a monumental misfire, and certainly when comparing it to the first film. The biggest problem with the sequel, what really makes this a tragic disappointment is the fact that there is virtually no time spent in Amsterdam at all…there is maybe a maximum of four minutes there. Why would they completely ignore placing Harold & Kumar on a quest to the land of legal marijuana? Why would this be entirely wiped out when the end of the first film promises us this?

Aside from my major problem with the omission of Amsterdam, the movie is just plain trying too hard and overdoing it this time. I could’ve gotten over the sans-Amsterdam thing had the movie still been consistently funny with the direction it was taking, but all this film could muster was a select few moments of humor. John Cho and Kal Penn are still having a lot of fun and can manage to continue priceless chemistry together, but it’s abundantly clear this time around that they are in a struggling fight with a script that is constantly missing the point, which is to have no real point. The writers spend way too much time attempting to give back story, plot, and boring supporting characters significant time, when the whole point of seeing a Harold & Kumar movie is to watch these guys meander around making bad decision after bad decision. I’m sure fans of the first will accept this film for what it is and like it just because they’re so happy to see them back in action, which is what I was totally prepared to do until I found out just how lackluster the whole thing was thrown together. The franchise is going to end here, and rightfully so – or at least it should be. I will not complain too much, because at least the first film was such a surprisingly good one, which will forever be a remarkable thing. To this day I still cannot fathom that a movie called Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle was even made, let alone made into an extremely good comedy.



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4 Responses to ““Harold & Kumar” Should’ve Stopped While They Were Ahead.”

  1. fiendinacloud Says:

    only thing i have to say bout this is….BROKE AS A JOKE…

  2. Ferguson Says:

    Fuck that guy. He continues to work there, which is hilarious. Ponytail lying.

  3. katelyn Says:

    Thats bullshit. Maybe you didn’t see the comedy in Dude Where’s My Car? but a lot of others did. And you opinion sucks. Thats fucking hella dumb. Your probably old and don’t appreciate this generations movies because your too busy watching old western films. So you can stop while YOUR ahead. Pompous assss.

  4. Ferguson Says:

    Sorry we don’t see eye to eye on this one. Maybe next time. I think we should agree to disagree? Sound decent? Thanks for being so kind with your words! Have a brilliant day!

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