My 30 Favorite Mark Kozelek-Penned Songs

I felt the need to put together this list, seeing as I’m on the biggest Kozelek kick that I’ve ever been.

1.Have You Forgotten
2.Katy Song
3.Carry Me Ohio
5.Tonight in Bilbao
6.Lost Verses
8.Song For A Blue Guitar
10.Salvador Sanchez
11.Revelation Big Sur
12.Blue Orchids
13.Medicine Bottle
14.Like the River
15.Pancho Villa
16.Brockwell Park
17.Make Like Paper
18.Byrd Joel
19.Summer Dress
20.The Light
21.Grace Cathedral Park
22.Duk Koo Kim
24.Priest Alley Song
27.Gentle Moon
28.San Geronimo
29.Tonight the Sky


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6 Responses to “My 30 Favorite Mark Kozelek-Penned Songs”

  1. =tyler= Says:

    yeah, Have You Forgotten is a great song. Brings back a lot of happy and painful memories.

  2. Ferguson Says:

    That’s always been the single Kozelek track that has stuck with me throughout the years.

  3. fiendinacloud Says:

    Duk Koo Kim is probably one of my favorite songs, the Nights LP version is quite good.

  4. Ferguson Says:

    I love that song as well. I need to hear “Nights” more, and soon.

  5. elissa Says:

    No Medicine Bottle?!

    For shame.

  6. Ferguson Says:

    I KNOW, I KNOW!! I noticed that I not only left that one out, but also “Katy Song”!!!!!!! I never cease to amaze myself with my idiotic omission on these lists that come along ever so often. You are right, a cloud of shame shall hang over my head until further notice.

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