Listening to Tony Marshall, outside of a mattress store, 12:31 A.M.

That is me 10-second timing a picture of myself outside of a local mattress store. At this moment, 12:31 A.M. to be exact, I am sitting on a coffee shop chair that I’ve pulled over in front of American Mattress. The outside air is much more comfortable than that of the house I reside in, so I took a short walk over here, where I hope to get a list posted before my battery runs out.

I love every piece of music that my good friend Tony Marshall has created in the last six years, which has been an astonishing amount for such a young songwriter. He has already built a big enough body of work to inspire a favorite albums list, with a favorite songs list to follow in the near future….that one needs to be thought over thoroughly before completing. I am currently listening to his 2006 full-length, the unbelievable Trash Happy, which I think is not only a masterpiece among his discography, but an essential album compared to anything I’ve heard. He is undeniably the real thing, a true artist that will be making amazing things for decades to come. For now, here is a list of my favorite albums among the dozen he’s released so far…

My 5 Favorite Tony Marshall Albums
1.The Furnace
2.Trash Happy
3.Songs Written At Night
4.Skeleton Man
5.Reminiscing About Tomorrow

The daunting task of making a 30 favorite Marshall songs will be attempted in the next day or two, with posting to follow. Everyone listen to his music whenever you get a free moment. I think you will like it. A brilliant songwriter. You can access full streams of all of his discography here.


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5 Responses to “Listening to Tony Marshall, outside of a mattress store, 12:31 A.M.”

  1. fiendinacloud Says:

    yep. ive decided to use the same theme anyways.

  2. Ferguson Says:

    It is a marlingly good one.

  3. EEF Says:

    that was a good night.

  4. Ferguson Says:

    Yeah, I agree.

  5. greenway medical technologies inc Says:

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