My 30 Favorite Tony Marshall Songs

1.Eye of the Storm
3.He Was An Animal (At One Time)
4.What Were My Bones
5.Footprints on the Earth
6.Photogenic Memory
7.I Think About You
8.When I Saw Her
9.Heart of My Brain
10.Frozen Time
11.Holier Than Dogs
12.Art School Dropout
13.Mop Bucket
14.Midwest Bar, 2:47 A.M.
15.God’s Lightning
16.Soluble (In Alcohol)
17.First Date
19.Hallelujah! Yeah.
20.Friendly Ghosts and Lonely Cancer
21.Skinny Arms
24.Table and a Broken Chair
25.What A Sorrow (What A Loss)
27.I Hid My Song
28.Spare Time
29.Flowers in the Ashes
30.Nymphet Codeine

All but five of these songs have direct links to full-length streams, so listen if you’ve got some time. You will not regret trying it out, I promise.


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2 Responses to “My 30 Favorite Tony Marshall Songs”

  1. elissa Says:

    Damn, I was supposed to help out with this but I forgot. Can you send me a mp3 of Friendly Ghosts and Lonely Cancer? I’ve only seen the video of it, but I really like it. You covered most of my favorite songs though, so good job!

  2. Ferguson Says:

    Make a Marshall list sometime and we can post them together on our blog. I’ll definitely send you the song next time we’re both on msn. It was so hard cutting this down to 30 songs, I left at least a dozen off that I love. It was sad. Ha.

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