Father’s Day/Birthday

“If I was a Pagan, then I would be one happy motherfucker.”

A quote earlier today from my dad, Mark Ferguson, commenting on the coincidence of his birthday being on the same day as Father’s Day…and displaying, as he does so often, how much he refuses to believe in celebrating them. Or any holiday for that matter, excluding Thanksgiving.


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4 Responses to “Father’s Day/Birthday”

  1. Rodger Jacobs Says:

    Cool-looking dad (though one has to ignore the ominous storm clouds looming overhead). Looks like a nice middle-class house in a quiet suburb. Retired? I’ll bet they are. Dad has done okay by himself, I’m guessing.

    Happy (belated) Father’s Day, Mark Ferguson. You have a good kid here in … whatsisname? Huh? Ferguson. Yeah, that guy.

  2. Elissa Says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine your dad at Thanksgiving. I’m sure you have a couple of good stories with that.

    If I’m in Indiana, I gotta meet him, even though it’ll probably be awkward and I’ll probably say something about how Zac can do impressions of Dylan and Morrissey though I don’t think your dad would listen to The Smiths.

  3. Ferguson Says:

    My dad is, let’s say, definitely a UNIQUE human being. I’ve not met anyone like him yet in my life. I guess he hasn’t either, but I hope he does someday. A match made in heaven for him is long overdue.

    Mark Ferguson’s oldest son is named Andy. Andy Ferguson.

  4. Ferguson Says:

    Elissa, I have countless Thanksgiving stories from the ol’ Ferguson abode.

    It would be a classic meeting should you make a stop in Anderson to chat with my dad in person. My dad wouldn’t have the faintest idea who The Smiths or Morrissey were, but if you wanted to do a Bowie-off then he would probably join in.

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