My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #49

Number 49

In the opening seconds of their latest record, Sex Death Cassette, Rafter easily make their case to fit like a glove on the strange Asthmatic Kitty Records. Kicking things off is the psychedelic opener, “zzzpenchant”, busting in and making a statement that the record to come will indeed be an open playground for the band to experiment, and you’ll either absolutely love it or severely hate it; there’s no in-between. With the average track clocking in at around a minute and a half, this Cassette does right by giving us 19 songs to journey through, so in the end I didn’t find myself wanting more but rather saw it as just enough. The sound of Rafter is impossible to describe as they paint with every single color in the musical palette on this record, making us scratch our head when we think of what they could possibly throw at us next. They are certainly an acquired taste and a “I need to be in the mood for this” band, and I am definitely on their side after hearing this collection of music. My single favorite track on the record is “Sleazy Sleepy”, and the other standouts I have in bold below.

2.Sleazy Sleepy
4.I Love You Most of All
5.Love Time Now Please
6.Cuddling Raccoons
8.Slay Me
9.Breathing Room
10.Candy Sprinkles
12.Casualty of BOC
16.No-One Home Ever
18.Casualty of Dance Music
19.How To and Why


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