My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #46

Number 46

Ron Sexsmith has been at this singer/songwriter thing for a long time, but other than being a critical success early on in his career and also being consistently recognized by his peers as one of the best around, the man just hasn’t gotten his full due. Exit Strategy of the Soul marks the Canadian’s 11th release under his name and the first for Yep Roc Records. The entire album, both lyrically and musically, centers around the melancholic feeling one can get when thinking of a way to change this world, and in a hurry. As the third leg of the record begins, with one of the year’s best songs, “The Impossible World”, Sexsmith looks for answers with questions like, “Lord, how many lives, how many tears must fall before we learn we’re goin’ nowhere unless we learn to share. It’s the impossible world”. The production on this record fits the sound of this underrated singer’s voice perfectly, making this his best overall collection of songs in years. More people need to wake up, because there’s a reason why he’s been lauded by the likes of Elvis Costello, Elton John, Feist (with whom he co-wrote “Brandy Alexander”, included both here and on her breakthrough album, The Reminder), and Steve Earle. Sneaking up on you with each passing listen, Exit Strategy of the Soul is another reminder that Sexsmith is one of our truly endearing artists.

2.This Is How I Know
3.One Last Round
4.Ghost of a Chance
5.Thoughts and Prayers
6.Brandy Alexander
7.Traveling Alone
8.Poor Helpless Dreams
9.Hard Time
10.The Impossible World
11.Chased By Love
12.Brighter Still
13.Music To My Ears
14.Dawn Anna


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