My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #43

Number 43

A dreamy, jazz-infused pop group that’s approaching their fifteenth year together, The Sea and Cake have officially revived their mainstay in the last two years with 2007’s Everybody, and the recently released Car Alarm, which finds itself at #43 on this list. After they put out the 2003 album, One Bedroom, which certainly had its moments but was an overall disappointing record compared to what heights we already knew they could reach, it started to appear like maybe they were disbanding in favor of the solo efforts by the two main writers, Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt. The thought of it was caused by the longest frame of time they ever had between records, but they finally came forth with Everybody, and four years later…but it was worth the wait. That album from last year was like The Sea and Cake of old, hitting high points like we knew they could, especially with a brilliant track like “Middlenight”, which ended up being one of my absolute top favorite single efforts of 2007. It’s arguably their best song ever. Making sure everyone knew they aren’t going anywhere, the group wasted absolutely no time release Car Alarm, a new set of songs that feel like they were meant to be combined as a one-two punch with Everybody. And speaking of one-two punches; I think they’ve never had a better first two tracks to open a record than they do here with “Aerial” and “Fuller Moon”, and they stand as the high point of the record, but that doesn’t take away from anything the rest of the songs bring to the table. It’s a solid effort by a resilient, sometimes forgotten about pop rock group, and they’re hoping you take a more realized listen with the terrific material put out over the last 18 months.

2.Fuller Moon
3.On A Letter
4.CMS Sequence
5.Car Alarm
7.New Schools
8.Window Sills
9.Down in the City
11.The Staircase


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