My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #36

Number 36

(If you know me, then you know this is hands-down my favorite album cover of 2008)

When you come from a long line of gifted musicians, there’s never a question if you’re newest record will be good, but rather how good. For Martha Wainwright – daughter of Loudon III, and sister of Rufus – it was a given that her third full-length, I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too, was going to be vintage angry Martha. The only question was how it would manage to stack up against her terrific self-titled offering from 2005. It’s evident from the beginning of the record, with the tantalizing one-two punch of “Bleeding All Over You” and “You Cheated Me”, that she remains a bruised and battered case, but the resentment that fueled the songwriting on her last album has shifted to an empty loneliness and desperation here. The recording is a lot cleaner on this new album, but it doesn’t ever reach a point to where it hurts the overall sound. In fact, the radio-friendly sound of “You Cheated Me” proves to be an effective turnout for the singer/songwriter, and combined with the outstanding music video should open up the new fan floodgates. One thing I love about Martha (other than everything about her) is that she doesn’t cheat her listeners as far as the length of her records is concerned. There are 14 tracks on I Know You’re Married, and it’s extremely full-bodied, even if it doesn’t have the completely solid effect of her previous outing. The album’s highest point is the powerful “Comin’ Tonight”, where Martha’s voice towers above all things…and you’re left in awe.

1.Bleeding All Over You
2.You Cheated Me
3.Jesus and Mary
4.Comin’ Tonight
5.Tower Song
6.Hearts Club Band
7.So Many Friends
8.In the Middle of the Night
9.The George Song
10.Niger River
12.See Emily Play
13.I Wish I Were
14.Love Is A Stranger


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