My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #34

Number 34

If you’re not prepared to listen to the full 53 minutes and 53 seconds of Girl Talk’s latest album straight thru in once sitting, then don’t even begin; because to do so would be a disgrace to the entire point of it all. Insane DJ Greg Gillis’ one-man playground has now spread onto this fourth LP, a no-boundaries palette for him to scribble on as he pleases, sampling from hundreds and hundreds of different tunes from the last 50 years of music, all of it culminating in the mashup record to end all mashup records. In an effort to accomplish what he has ultimately set out to do, which is get as many people to hear this album as possible, Gillis made Feed the Animals available for whatever price we the people desire to pay, whether it be a treasure chest full of riches, or absolutely nothing. If there was ever a definitive album of the mashup genre, this has got to be it, with absolutely no time given to stop and think or even take a breath from the action. Sampling pretty much anything you can name off the top of your head at any given moment, Gillis hits an ultimate high point in his career, his ambition every bit matching his energy, with strange 30-second intervals all over the place. For instance, on “Here’s the Thing”, he manages to make it powerful (and even moving, a bit) when he weaves together bits of The Craberries, M.I.A., and Kelly Clarkson. I told you there are no boundaries here, and you shouldn’t limit yourself when giving it a listen. It’s a unique experience.

1.Play Your Part (Pt. 1)
2.Shut the Club Down
3.Still Here
4.What It’s All About
5.Set It Off
6.No Pause
7.Like This
8.Give Me A Beat
9.Hands in the Air
10.In Step
11.Let Me See You
12.Here’s the Thing
13.Don’t Stop
14.Play Your Part (Pt. 2)


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2 Responses to “My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #34”

  1. gregofmontreal Says:

    awesome album!

  2. Ferguson Says:

    For sure.

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