My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #26

Number 26

As singular artists themselves, Phil Elvrum and Julie Doiron have become masters of creating haunting landscapes across many albums over the last decade, but the thought of how similar they actually are had never occurred to me until I listened to Lost Wisdom, a release under Elvrum’s moniker, Mount Eerie, that is essentially a three-way collaboration between them and Fred Squire, who is a part of Doiron’s band, Eric’s Trip. They are essentially mirrors of each other’s artistry, which will come to full realization when hearing them paired throughout this quick set of ten songs, full of whispering harmonies and their trademarked, dreary glory. The album is almost a mini-project, clocking in at a time that is just over a normal EP’s length, but not necessarily reaching the quantity of a full-length. As far as quality is concerned, Lost Wisdom delivers the best stuff either of the two hae created in a while, particularly on “Voice in Headphones” and the amazing, “You Swan, Go On”. The entire experience is like a proposal to the listener to eavesdrop on a one-time-only collaboration session, and then they vanish into thin air. It’s like a document of a time that will never be arranged to come together again, but the recordings here will be able to be relived for as long as we wish; and it’s very worth coming back to on endless occasions. Elvrum is at the start of what seems to be like a creative hot streak with his Mount Eerie for the first time in a while, and Lost Wisdom is certainly one to add to his list of genius.

1.Lost Wisdom
2.Voice in Headphones
3.You Swan, Go On
5.Flaming Home
7.If We Knew…
8.With My Hands Out
9.O My Heart
10.Grave Robbers


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