My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #25

Number 25

There are lo-fi bands, loud bands, and loud lo-fi bands…and although the trio of Times New Viking unquestionably fall into the latter category, they also deserve to be considered almost too harsh and raw for even that title. The Ohio-based group are on their third full-length since forming just three years ago, and they haven’t budged from a sound they cemented early on – which gives a whole new meaning to loudness as they leave no amplifier unharmed. What’s most impressive about Rip It Off, is that they don’t stray away a bit from the fuzzzy sounds that they put in place on their previous records, which is a little surprising due to the fat that they have made a major label jump, to Matador Records this time around. Opening “Teen Drama” is a quick confirmation that they will continue to stampede forward with the sound that they have been accustomed to playing since their birth, and the rest of the record is a kaleidescope of flat-out rock that you’re happy to get lost in. Swift little bits like “Drop-Out”, “The Early 80’s”, and the resounding, “The Apt.” bleed together like one feedback orgy, which is made all the more of a unique experience if seen performed live, which I had the fortunate opportunity to do earlier this last summer. Everyone in the group has their own specialties to add to the mix, all of them with the same chaotic goal in mind, and it is painted out brilliantly on every inch of Rip It Off, which is an album that can just keep growing on you if you let it. Like The Tallest Man On Earth’s straight-forward attempt at creating a simply pure folk experience, this record is another statement by a band that is just saying, “Let’s rock the fuck out of this room”.

1.Teen Drama
2.(My Head)
3.Rip Allegory
6.Come Together
7.Faces on Fire
8.Relevant: Now
9.The Early 80’s
10.Mean God
11.Another Day
12.The Apt.
13.Off the Wall
14.End of All Things
15.Times New Viking vs. Yo La Tengo
16.Post Teen Drama


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