My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #22

Number 22

Already in their seventh year as a band, The Raveonettes have released mutiple EP’s and three full-lengths to this point in their career, yet I only got around to hearing them for the first time earlier this year, when Lust Lust Lust made its way to record store shelves. I suppose it was very mixed reviews that had kept me from giving the Danish noise-pop duo a listen at an earlier time, but within seconds of hearing the opening track, “Aly, Walk With Me”, I was sold on The Raveonettes. Lust is a record that is full of dreamy harmonies and distorted melodies, constsantly recalling the likes of such older groups as The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, and comparable to their modern peers, such as The Radio Dept. After becoming an official fan of Lust, I had to go back and listen to the rest of their discography to see if I was a fan of The Raveonettes in full. There’s no question that this is a very good band, and they’ve hit their current high mark with this third record, which has been one of my most re-playable of 2008. Toe-tapping, fun tracks like “You Want the Candy” and “Dead Sound” mix well with experimental bits like the outstanding, “The Beat Dies”. It’s another group that’s a part of the seemingly wave of bands that are making fantastic albums with only two regular members.

1.Aly, Walk With Me
4.Dead Sound
5.Black Satin
7.Expelled From Love
8.You Want the Candy
10.Sad Transmission
11.With My Eyes Closed
12.The Beat Dies
13.My Heartbeat’s Dying
14.Honey, I Never Had You


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