My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #16

Number 16

There’s really no reason to even begin an argument against Seattle’s Fleet Foxes as having the most awe-inspiring harmonies to come along in quite some time. Every second of their self-titled debut seems like it was recorded in the middle of a massive cathedral, and if you were to tell me it was made in heaven, I wouldn’t question it; and it’s hard to imagine anyone else who has heard it to disagree. Taking its place among the most widely acclaimed debuts released this decade, the 11-song juggernaut that Fleet Foxes has become is almost like a soul-healer. “White Winter Hymnal” is one of those rare hit singles that actually deserves to be the one singled-out and put on commercial display. It’s one of the most pleasant ways I can think of occupying a 2 1/2 minute time-frame. On every year’s top fifty list of albums, it seems that the majority of the picks are records full of songs that are sparked from some form of depression that its creator has had to painfully endure and then put onto paper, but the music of Fleet Foxes culminates in a happy experience, immediately putting an ease and smile to its admirer’s face. It’s hard to imagine what must be going through the heads of all of the group’s members as they think about where they were just a year ago compared to now, already having gone on tour with the likes of Wilco, among other seasoned and established acts. They are most deserving of all the good fortunes that have came their way, and with stunning numbers like “Blue Ridge Mountains” and “Oliver James”, they’ve got a tall task to live up to in the future.

1.Sun It Rises
2.White Winter Hymnal
3.Ragged Wood
4.Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
5.Quiet Houses
6.He Doesn’t Know Why
7.Heard Them Stirring
8.Your Protector
10.Blue Ridge Mountains
11.Oliver James


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2 Responses to “My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #16”

  1. Chris Baker Says:

    I would have to totally agree that this album was no doubt recorded in Heaven.

  2. Ferguson Says:

    I haven’t checked the liner notes yet, so maybe they did record it there.

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