My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #14

Number 14

Like all of the most impressive noise/electro records, this debut by London’s Fuck Buttons, entitled Street Horrrsing, is a gloriously hectic maze you don’t even realize you’re caught in until it’s completely faded out and you have time to recollect. “Sweet Love For Planet Earth” was one of the top ten opening tracks I heard throughout the entire year, quietly sprinkling in like a calm before the storm and introducing a duo that decalres themselves a force to be reckoned with. When I saw them live a few months back, they performed the way I was hoping them to – by doing a non-stop run-thru of Street Horrrsing in its entirety, thus keeping true to the way you’re supposed to experience their music. When the drum-dominated “Ribs Out” tears onto the scene after the opener, things only get more wicked from there, and for the rest of the album we are lost deeper into a wonderful intoxication. The music of Fuck Buttons is certainly the type that will be for acquired tastes only, their sound either loved or loathed, with no in-betweens…and it’s obvioust that I’ve come out on the former end. Like Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals, this is a record that simply must be listened to from beginning to end – with no cheating or skipping – because it all bleeds together as one beautiful track. So it’s natural to include the entire album as bolded favorites, because as much as I would love to single out “Sweet Love For Planet Earth” as my favorite, the rest of the album is just an extension of that opener, making Street Horrrsing both the album and the one song title.

1.Sweet Love For Planet Earth
2.Ribs Out
3.Okay, Let’s Talk About Magic
4.Race To Your Bedroom/Spirit Rise
5.Bright Tomorrow
6.Colours Move


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One Response to “My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #14”

  1. evolkween Says:

    Nice. They blew me away at ATP, and the new stuff they played sounded even more psychedelic than the stuff off Street Horrsing.

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