The Worst Films (That I Bothered To See) of 2008

As I get closer to completing the Fergy Film Awards nominees, I thought I’d share a list of the worst films that I saw in 2008.

This is not any kind of definitive worst-of list by any means, because in the many years that I have called myself a seasoned movie-goer, I have developed somewhat of a sense of when a film will be really bad…so I limit the time I waste. There are still the most disappointing mistakes made every year – which is inevitable – and here are the worst films I saw last year.

1.Righteous Kill
2.Hell Ride
3.The Incredible Hulk
4.Vantage Point
6.Speed Racer
8.Drillbit Taylor
9.Step Brothers


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4 Responses to “The Worst Films (That I Bothered To See) of 2008”

  1. CW Says:

    Tropic Thunder was ok, but overrated.

  2. Ferguson Says:

    I thought “Tropic Thunder” was very well thought out and hilarious. I wouldn’t consider it overrated at all.

  3. RD Says:

    Is this an ordered list? Because I was way more annoyed by “21” than “The Incredible Hulk.”

    …though they were both fairly annoying. At least “The Incredible Hulk” had a few genuinely good moments, whereas “21” had … none. Haha!

  4. Ferguson Says:

    Yeah it’s definitely an ordered list. I think I was more inclined to add “The Incredible Hulk” higher because I had some hopes for that one, whereas “21” just looked bad…and DELIVERED. Ha ha.

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