The Most Disappointing Films of 2008

Out of the ones that I bothered to see, of course, here are the ones that disappointed me the most.

With the anticipation of this being Kimberly Peirce’s follow-up to Boys Don’t Cry, I was stunned to see just how much of a by-the-numbers film it ended up being.
2.Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
They obviously should’ve stopped while they were ahead, because the first film really had no business being hilarious at all. It has definitely run its course now.
3.War, Inc.
Disguised as another film, this is essentially just Grosse Pointe Blank 2, just without any of the good qualities of the first film.
4.The Life Before Her Eyes
It looked like a rare good role for Uma Thurman outside of Tarantino projects, and with a director like House of Sand and Fog‘s Vadim Perelman, it’s hard to believe it came out this disappointing.
5.Step Brothers
If Apatow-produced projects are anything less than non-stop hilarious, then they are a disappointment for sure. This one is such a scattershot piece of mostly-overdone physical comedy that it is just plain bad.
6.Righteous Kill
DeNiro and Pacino are finally together again! Yes they are, but it’s all put to waste in this formulaic murder mystery that would’ve fit nicely between some CSI or Law and Order shows.
7.Smart People
It was hyped as a sarcastic equal to recent indie gems like Little Miss Sunshine and Juno, but this one is mostly dull.
8.Be Kind Rewind
Proof once more that Michel Gondry should never write screenplays, but only direct. There are moments of fun in this film, but it is ultimately stale.
9.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Yes, I had to include this film. Do not take it the wrong way, because I did like it very much…I was just expecting it to move me much more than it did.
10.Cassandra’s Dream
The build-up in this Woody Allen film is promising and the peformances by the leads are very good, but the resolution is maddening, and for the legendary filmmaker – extremely baffling.


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2 Responses to “The Most Disappointing Films of 2008”

  1. shanelinville Says:

    i agree with the step-brothers review it was a C+ for me. it was built up to be a hilarious film, but as far as Apatow films go it is rated well behind the 40 year old virgin and knocked up. peace andy.

    • Ferguson Says:

      It’s good to not be alone on this one, because it seems like everyone thinks this is a great comedy. I definitely laughed here and there, but in comparison to every other Apatow movie, it fails to deliver. Thanks for reading, Shane. I hope all is safe and you’re doing well.

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