Lists Inspired by “Doubt”

My 15 Favorite Meryl Streep Performances

4.Out of Africa
5.The Deer Hunter
6.Sophie’s Choice
8.A Prairie Home Companion
10.Marvin’s Room
11.Postcards From The Edge
12.Defending Your Life
14.The Hours

My 10 Favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman Performances

1.Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
2.Synecdoche, New York
4.Owning Mahowny
5.Almost Famous
6.The Savages
7.Love Liza
8.25th Hour
9.The Talented Mr. Ripley

My 5 Favorite Amy Adams Peformances

4.Catch Me If You Can
5.Talladega Nights

My 5 Favorite Viola Davis Performances

2.The Architect
3.Solaris (2002)
4.Far From Heaven


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2 Responses to “Lists Inspired by “Doubt””

  1. elissa Says:

    I really love Meryl Streep, but I’m surprised Sophie’s Choice landed so high, I personally didn’t really like it. I like all the other films on the list(that I’ve seen), in a different order though.

    I love Hoffman as well, you’ve got the same favorite performance as me, he was fantastic in Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.

    Was Synecdoche, New York that good? I saw some show and they said it was extremely disappointing, but to be honest I hadn’t heard a thing about the film before that.

  2. Ferguson Says:

    I liked “Sophie’s Choice” quite a bit, but this is not a list of my favorite films, but performances. That wouldn’t rank so high if it were based on the film itself. “A Prairie Home Companion”, “Manhattan”, “Rendition”….all of these are better films, but her specific performance is what I admired more about “Sophie’s Choice”.

    Glad you agree about “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”. It was a shame he wasn’t at least nominated for that one.

    Elissa – DO NOT believe ANY negative things you hear about “Synecdoche”. If there is a bad review, it is simply because they didn’t understand it or weren’t patient with it. You will love it, for sure.

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