81st Annual Oscar Nominations = SADNESS

When the nominees for the Academy Awards were announced early this morning, I was expecting at least some major category recognition for the best and bravest film of the year, but there was nothing. What I feared would happen did, as Revolutionary Road, the powerhouse achievement from director Sam Mendes and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, did not receive either a best picture nomination nor the actor and actress. Nothing. 2008 was a very terrific year for American cinema, not slowing down from the jump-start that the year before had started, but to neglect the one film that succeeded on all accounts – and I’m assuming because the Academy voters as well thought it was too dark and bleak – is maddening. Whatever happens this year I will be sorely disappointed with the outcome, because the one I think deserves to win nearly every major category is not even in the running. Also, Bruce Springsteen did not receive a nomination for his tremendous title track to The Wrestler, which was good enough to garner a win let alone a nomination. The worst part about that is that we won’t have the pleasure of seeing him perform it live now. Hollywood is sad.


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2 Responses to “81st Annual Oscar Nominations = SADNESS”

  1. Adam Says:

    Man, someone has just convinced everyone that Revolutionary Road was just a bunch of overhyped bullshit, yet Curious Case is hardly touched. (Good for Michael Shannon though)

  2. Ferguson Says:

    I will never understand the massive amount of neglect and harsh criticisms for that film. It is a triumph. “Benjamin Button” is the popularity winner of the year, and not to mention that it will give the Oscar ratings a big boost, too.

    Yes, Adam, good pointing out the Michael Shannon nod…which is well deserved.

    Have you seen the movie yet?

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