The Posting Weapon Has Returned

I have finally resolved all the dreadful laptop issues that came out of nowhere over a month ago, so the semi-regular posting should be making its way back very soon.

I have been listening to a ton of new albums that have been released this year already, and among those that are sticking with me in a big way are…

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart: “The Pains of Being Pure At Heart”
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy: “Beware”
Handsome Furs: “Face Control”
Antony & The Johnsons: “The Crying Light”

Music has been dominating my life lately, and even more-so than film, which is saying quite a lot. However, I have started getting back into the multiplexes again, most recently with my viewing of I Love You, Man. I might get around to letting you know just how funny that was. I expect to see both Duplicity and Knowing by week’s end, and I’m contemplating the idea of starting up music reviews instead of posting all of my thoughts in detail in abundance at the end of the year. I don’t know, we shall see…but I am making a promise to be around a little more often. Repetitive I know, but I like making these promises, for they are more for encouragement to myself than anything else. Hopefully it works this time.


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