3.23.2009: Song of the Day

“The Last Song I Will Write
by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Come run away with me
This ain’t the world we signed up for.
Echoes across the open sea of a place without any range war.
This is the last song I will write.
This is the last time I will fight for you.

Momma lost her second love
at a time when she really needs it.
He could not have been enough,
so small and still bumping the ceiling.
This is the last dream I will have:
my lady, my love, and my mom and dad
floating away to Spain.

You who work up on your feet,
your neck turns from red to sunshine.
It’s you who’ve seen my worst defeat
crawling through crumbling coalmines.
These are the last words I will sing
’cause this is the end of everything.
I’m crawling away to the sea.

I recently purchased Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit’s self-titled sophomore record, and this is the track that has been destroying me since I first heard it. It’s the closing number, and oh what an impact it should have on anyone who hears it. When the music is put to these words the experience is heightened.


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