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Awesome Music Video Postings of 2009: #17

April 29, 2009

I recently added five new Tony Marshall performances up at the Neckbrace Substitute page, lifting the total in the archives of the singer/songwriter near 50. You can check out all of the performances and music videos HERE. For now, I’ve chosen one to share with you from the newest uploads. This is a partial recording of the terrific song, “First Date”.


New Neckbrace Substitute Film In The Works

April 23, 2009

Watch the trailer for the new full-length I’m working on.

Awesome Music Video Postings of 2009: #16

April 21, 2009

I was fortunate enough to attend a free in-store set of live music from Bill Callahan at Luna Music in Indianapolis on Easter Sunday, which was, needless to say, outstanding. I fell in instant love with his latest record, Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle, and was pleasantly surprised when he decided to play nothing but songs from that at the show.

I took two video recordings of full songs that day, both of which can be found over at the Neckbrace Substitute page. Here is one of them, the opening number to the latest record, “Jim Cain”, which he chose to close with in this performance.

Ranking April’s Shows

April 19, 2009

I have been to a number of concerts over the course of the last two weeks and I must say that I enjoyed all of them, even if the Earlham College Gone Primitive show was cut short due to disrespectful students. There was a distinct difference in the level of how much I liked each show, which compels me to rank each show since the concert run has come to an end until summer.


number ONE
Bill Callahan @ Luna Music Broad Ripple
Indianapolis, Indiana
Sunday, April 12

Bill Callahan

number TWO
Damien Jurado/Laura Gibson @ Russian Recording
Bloomington, Indiana
Saturday, April 11

Damien Jurado
Laura Gibson

number THREE
Joel Levi @ Mocha Joe’s
Anderson, Indiana
Thursday, April 2

Joel Levi

number FOUR
GONE PRIMITIVE TOUR @ Buskirk-Chumley Theater
Bloomington, Indiana
Monday, April 6

Act 1: Tallest Man On Earth
Tallest Man On Earth

Act 2: John Vanderslice
John Vanderslice

Act 3: John Darnielle
John Darnielle

number FIVE
Destroyer @ WIUX Culture Shock 2009
Bloomington, Indiana
Saturday, April 18

Dan Bejar

number SIX
Richmond, Indiana
Saturday, April 4

Darnielle and Vanderslice

Entering The Zone

April 10, 2009

I am working on array of new projects right now, which could possibly lead to substantial gaps between postings on here. The new stuff is going to be real material, a.k.a NOT pissing for 2 1/2 minutes or editing Purple Drank ads. Not that those things weren’t time humurously spent, it’s just that I kinda consider myself to be a serious artist, and lately I’ve realized that I have sort of fell out of that focal point for a short phase. Keep an eye out for genuine stuff soon.