7.25.2009: Song of the Day

“Back Of A Bible”
written and performed by Patterson Hood
from Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs)

I wrote you a love song on the back of a Bible
On the back of a Bible, A love song for you
I ain’t no authority about what it says in it
Can’t even begin it
But that page in the back is blank and waiting for you

Heard me a sad song on the way to a wedding
On the way to a wedding on my car radio
I can’t remember the words to the verses
But I remember the chorus
I don’t remember who was marrying who
But I’ll always know this love song to you

I hate this motel room they all smell the same
The view of the parking lot etched in my brain
Stuck in this town and you’re so far away
I ain’t got no paper, just got this pen
Rip out the back page and write you a hymn
Singing it to you again and again and again


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