Dr. Strangelove I am not.

Well, it seems as though I lied yet again in my last post. You know what I’m talking about without even looking, I know it. Today is March 20th, 2010. My last entry was near the end of the previous year, leaving nearly three months of time between posts, which by this point comes as no surprise to any of you, nor me, and it’s saddens me…yet I am the only one who can prevent such a drought. Or can I? It’s become more and more apparent to me as of late that it was never that I was a writer with a frequent case of the block, but rather I’m just a person who writes whenever the hell his mind feels it’s okay to open up the gates of thought, which in my case only happens in spurts that are way too far apart. Whatever the case may be, it’s evident that I need to stop making the promises of postings and just be good with the fact that I will write whenever I am supposed to, so then I will not pressure myself to put something down at any certain time.

With that being said, I am definitely not going to let this recent drought erase my annual Fergy Film entries. They are still coming, even though this will be the first year that they are posted AFTER all of the major awards shows have aired. It’s actually for the better this time, because it has been over the last month or so that I have been able to brush up on seeing most of the important films of 2009.

I love you.


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