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My 30 Favorite Films of 2008

February 1, 2009

The list that matters most has finally been constructed. Now that you all know what my #1 favorite film of the year is, here’s your chance to see what finished just behind it. I ask you to please consider this list when possibly wondering why I didn’t include other key films.

1.Revolutionary Road
2.Rachel Getting Married
3.Synecdoche, New York
4.In Bruges
5.The Wrestler
6.The Dark Knight
8.Snow Angels
9.Never Forever
10.In Search Of A Midnight Kiss
12.Lakeview Terrace
13.Forgetting Sarah Marshall
14.Man On Wire
15.Iron Man
16.The Wackness
17.Slumdog Millionaire
18.Gran Torino
19.Mother Of Tears
20.Pineapple Express
21.American Teen
22.A Girl Cut In Two
23.Seven Pounds
24.The Last Mistress
25.Paranoid Park
26.The Visitor
27.Tropic Thunder
28.Young @ Heart
30.Vicky Cristina Barcelona


Compilations of 2009: #1

January 16, 2009

The very first compilation of 2009, made by request for Meghan. Attempting to open her up to new things…

1.The Wrestler: Bruce Springsteen
2.Dancing Choose: TV on the Radio
3.Phantom Other: Department of Eagles
4.Good For Me: Tony Marshall
5.Crucify Your Mind: Rodriguez
6.Simple Hello: Damien Jurado
7.Love Is Like A Bottle Of Gin: The Magnetic Fields
8.Photo Booth: Ola Podrida
9.When The Water Gets Cold (And Freezes On The Lake): Herman Dune
10.Don’t Die In Me: Mirah
11.Cause and Cure: Tony Marshall
12.Measuring Cups: Andrew Bird
13.Tiger Mountain Peasant Song: Fleet Foxes
14.You Are Here: Nathan Fake
15.The Spark: Tony Marshall
16.Moab: Conor Oberst
17.Wantin’ Her Again: Ben Kweller
18.Kim & Jessie: M83
19.Scared At Night: Kathleen Edwards
20.Blood Bank: Bon Iver
21.Shut Up I Am Dreaming Of Places Where Lovers Have Wings: Sunset Rubdown

Lists Inspired by “Doubt”

January 8, 2009

My 15 Favorite Meryl Streep Performances

4.Out of Africa
5.The Deer Hunter
6.Sophie’s Choice
8.A Prairie Home Companion
10.Marvin’s Room
11.Postcards From The Edge
12.Defending Your Life
14.The Hours

My 10 Favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman Performances

1.Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
2.Synecdoche, New York
4.Owning Mahowny
5.Almost Famous
6.The Savages
7.Love Liza
8.25th Hour
9.The Talented Mr. Ripley

My 5 Favorite Amy Adams Peformances

4.Catch Me If You Can
5.Talladega Nights

My 5 Favorite Viola Davis Performances

2.The Architect
3.Solaris (2002)
4.Far From Heaven

The Worst Films (That I Bothered To See) of 2008

January 6, 2009

As I get closer to completing the Fergy Film Awards nominees, I thought I’d share a list of the worst films that I saw in 2008.

This is not any kind of definitive worst-of list by any means, because in the many years that I have called myself a seasoned movie-goer, I have developed somewhat of a sense of when a film will be really bad…so I limit the time I waste. There are still the most disappointing mistakes made every year – which is inevitable – and here are the worst films I saw last year.

1.Righteous Kill
2.Hell Ride
3.The Incredible Hulk
4.Vantage Point
6.Speed Racer
8.Drillbit Taylor
9.Step Brothers

My 50 Favorite Albums of 2008: #01

January 4, 2009

Number 01

So here the long and winding journey of my 50 favorite albums of the year comes to an end, with M83’s spectacular Saturdays = Youth. There was really no question as to what struck the most powerful chord with me as I was running through all of the terrific albums I heard in 2008 a little over a month ago. From the moment I purchased this record (which was back in April at Tracks record store in Bloomington, just before an Okkervil River concert), and really even before  I played it, I knew it had to be something special. What I didn’t picture was it becoming what it so assuredly is now, some nine months after its release: an instant classic. I have always been an admirer of the talent of Anthony Gonzalez and his bandmates on past M83 records, but with Saturdays they have entered masterful territory, creating an album that encourages its listener to remember all of the endearing, awkward, shy, coming-of-age moments we experienced in our teenage years. They have managed to construct some of the most spacious and ambitiously large ambient records in previous years, which can be seen as acquired-taste projects that only some can come to love, but here they have approached the material with as much simplicity as possible, and even those who couldn’t find anything to get into from M83 in the past, will love some of the singles here. There was no better one-two opening on any record this year than the glorious “You, Appearing” and “Kim & Jessie”; and what’s most impressive about the album is that the rest of it after these two songs completely lives up to the profound statement set by them.

There has been a stab or two here and there on previous records that hint at Gonzalez’s focus on youth, like the breakthrough single “Teen Angst” from 2005’s Before the Dawn Heals Us, and it was obviously only a matter of time before he would incorporate the significance of his teenage years into an entire collection of songs. There is a lot more writing on this album, lyrically speaking, than on any of his previous efforts; and for the first time we can really see how brilliant of an emotional-evoking and personal songwriter Gonzalez is. Saturdays = Youth is a perfect record on any level you choose to analyze it, and if experienced with headphones on extra volume, it will become an inseparable keepsake to your collection. It is first and foremost a love letter to his own time of adolescence in the 80’s, so anyone who grew up in the specific time period could instantly relate. But the wide theme of the album – which is the universal feeling of simply being a teenager – is one anyone can relate to; so the record is bound to sink into your skin, no matter who you are..and if somehow you can’t let it affect you, then I am convinced you have no soul, and I feel sorry for you. Morgan Kibby’s voice dominates the beautiful, “Up!”, and even the songs without words on the record, like “Couleurs”, bleed with the ingenuity of youthful times. Like all of M83’s records, this is a fully realized experience that you never feel cheated on, btu what makes this such an important movie forward for the band is the change in focus, which finds Gonzalez getting extremely personal. There was never any kind of question as to what both the single of the year (“Kim & Jessie”) or album of the year would be. This is just one of my favorite albums, period.

1.You, Appearing
2.Kim & Jessie
3.Skin of the Night
4.Graveyard Girl
7.We Own the Sky
8.Highway of Endless Dreams
9.Too Late
10.Dark Moves of Love
11.Midnight Souls Still Remain