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A Revival, or, How I Learned To Stop Delaying Between Posts and Love the Bomb

December 29, 2009

It’s that time again.

Of course I must be talking about that time when the recollection of the year’s cinema and music help me come out of supposed hiding to finally reveal a boat-load of thoughts condensed into massive lists and nominations for my annual Fergy Film Awards. Apparently it must also be time for my trademark, incoherent run-on sentences as well. Oh well, at least I’m posting again, albeit warts-and-all.

I’m getting just as amped up for the individual postings of my regular 100 favorite songs and 50 favorite albums of the year, not to mention the 30 films of the year and whatnot…but what makes this go-’round extra-special is the fact that this is not only time for year-end lists, but also decade-end ones. So it goes without saying that there promises to be a ton of activity at Ferguson Reviews over the course of the next two solid months at least. The decade lists have been unbelievably thorough and a joy to construct, which I’ve been doing off and for the last four months combined, and am still attempting to glue together. It’s imperative to not that this will be the first comprehensive decade list that I have had the chance to make to this point in my life, seeing as the entire decade, from the beginning of 2000 until these last final days of 2009, I have been deeply into the movie theater – inside and out. 1999 was the first year that I found myself a true movie-lover, so I dove head first into the new decade and millennium with a never-ending mission in mind, and I think I’ve made good as best as I could on that. It’s hard to believe that ten full years have went by as quickly as they did, with each year passing by far more rapidly than the one that preceeded it. I’m in the midst of completing a massive set of lists and Fergy Film nominations and awards, chief of which being MY 100 FAVORITE AMERICAN FILMS OF THE DECADE. 

Coming immediately will be the 50 albums and 100 songs lists, and then as January moves along and I continue to see the essential films that are needed to make a conclusive cinema list for 2009, there will be the 12th annual Fergy Film Awards. Special thanks must go to Noah East for suggesting that I also do a special Fergy Film Awards for the entire decade. Expect that to arrive before the annual awards themselves, for I have almost entirely compiled those choices. It’s the most exciting time of year for me, which in turn makes this blog finally active. I’m ridiculous.

Stay tuned.


Lists Inspired by “Revolutionary Road”

January 24, 2009

My 10 Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio Performances
1.Revolutionary Road

2.The Aviator
3.Blood Diamond
4.Catch Me If You Can
5.What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
6.The Beach
7.Gangs of New York
8.The Departed
10.Marvin’s Room

My 10 Favorite Kate Winslet Performances
1.Revolutionary Road

2.Little Children
4.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
5.Holy Smoke
7.Finding Neverland
8.Sense and Sensibility

My 5 Favorite Michael Shannon Performances
1.Revolutionary Road

3.Lucky You
4.Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
5.The Woodsman

My Favorite Sam Mendes Films
1.Revolutionary Road

2.American Beauty
4.Road To Perdition

The Most Disappointing Films of 2008

January 7, 2009

Out of the ones that I bothered to see, of course, here are the ones that disappointed me the most.

With the anticipation of this being Kimberly Peirce’s follow-up to Boys Don’t Cry, I was stunned to see just how much of a by-the-numbers film it ended up being.
2.Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
They obviously should’ve stopped while they were ahead, because the first film really had no business being hilarious at all. It has definitely run its course now.
3.War, Inc.
Disguised as another film, this is essentially just Grosse Pointe Blank 2, just without any of the good qualities of the first film.
4.The Life Before Her Eyes
It looked like a rare good role for Uma Thurman outside of Tarantino projects, and with a director like House of Sand and Fog‘s Vadim Perelman, it’s hard to believe it came out this disappointing.
5.Step Brothers
If Apatow-produced projects are anything less than non-stop hilarious, then they are a disappointment for sure. This one is such a scattershot piece of mostly-overdone physical comedy that it is just plain bad.
6.Righteous Kill
DeNiro and Pacino are finally together again! Yes they are, but it’s all put to waste in this formulaic murder mystery that would’ve fit nicely between some CSI or Law and Order shows.
7.Smart People
It was hyped as a sarcastic equal to recent indie gems like Little Miss Sunshine and Juno, but this one is mostly dull.
8.Be Kind Rewind
Proof once more that Michel Gondry should never write screenplays, but only direct. There are moments of fun in this film, but it is ultimately stale.
9.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Yes, I had to include this film. Do not take it the wrong way, because I did like it very much…I was just expecting it to move me much more than it did.
10.Cassandra’s Dream
The build-up in this Woody Allen film is promising and the peformances by the leads are very good, but the resolution is maddening, and for the legendary filmmaker – extremely baffling.

Some Lists Inspired by “Pineapple Express”

August 28, 2008

My Favorite David Gordon Green Films (Snow Angels is coming to DVD on September 16th!)

1.All the Real Girls
3.George Washington
4.Pineapple Express

My 10 Favorite Judd Apatow-Produced Projects

1.Knocked Up
2.Pineapple Express
3.The 40-Year-Old Virgin
4.Forgetting Sarah Marshall
6.Freaks & Geeks
7.Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
8.Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
9.Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
10.The TV Set

My 5 Favorite Seth Rogen Performances

1.Knocked Up
2.Pineapple Express
3.The 40-Year-Old Virgin
5.Freaks & Geeks

My 5 Favorite James Franco Performances

1.Pineapple Express
2.City by the Sea
3.The Great Raid
4.Freaks & Geeks
5.The Company

My 3 Favorite Danny McBride Performances

1.All the Real Girls
2.Pineapple Express
3.Tropic Thunder

My 5 Favorite Gary Cole Performances

1.Office Space
2.Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
3.A Simple Plan
4.The Gift
5.The Brady Bunch Movie

My 5 Favorite Rosie Perez Performances

1.White Men Can’t Jump
3.Pineapple Express
4.Human Nature
5.Riding In Cars With Boys

My 10 Favorite Kevin Corrigan Performances

1.Slums of Beverly Hills
2.Trees Lounge
3.Walking and Talking
4.Lonesome Jim
5.Chelsea Walls
8.Pineapple Express
10.The Departed

My 5 Favorite Bill Hader Performances

1.Forgetting Sarah Marshall
3.Tropic Thunder
4.Knocked Up
5.Hot Rod

My 10 Favorite Tom Waits Albums

June 1, 2008


I have been laboring over narrowing down a favorite Tom Waits songs list, which I will hopefully post soon in either a top 20 or maybe even 30.