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The Long-Awaited Collaboration Blog

June 19, 2008

For the past few months, my friend Elissa and I have talked about starting a blog that we could both participate in, a place where we could pool our thoughts together on whatever random things we wanted to talk about at any given time. What initially sparked such an idea is the fact that we are always talking about favorites lists we would make of albums, films, etc, always comparing our interests. The thought of a collaboration blog was always a good one, we just didn’t act on it as quick as we’d have liked to, but those days are over. A few days ago, Elissa officially created IS THE ONLY LOVE, the place that we’ll look to frequently deliver our random lists, poetry, rants, music talk, complaints, trend-bashings, comic book talk, and more nonsense that we could feel like spitting out. I hope you will take a look sometime. We promise we will try to make it interesting enough to wanna come back.


Some lists, inspired by recent reviews.

June 18, 2008

My 10 Favorite Mark Wahlberg Performances

1.I Heart Huckabees
2.Boogie Nights
3.The Happening
4.Three Kings
5.The Yards
6.The Perfect Storm
7.The Departed
8.The Basketball Diaries
10.We Own the Night

My 5 Favorite Zooey Deschanel Performances

1.All the Real Girls
2.Almost Famous
3.Winter Passing
4.The Happening
5.The Good Girl

My 5 Favorite John Leguizamo Performances

1.Summer of Sam
4.Land of the Dead
5.The Groomsmen

My 3 Favorite M. Might Shyamalan Films

2.The Happening
3.The Sixth Sense

My 2 Favorite Adam Sandler Performances

1.Punch-Drunk Love
2.Reign Over Me

My 10 Favorite John Turturro Performances

1.Barton Fink
2.Box of Moonlight
3.13 Conversations About One Thing
4.The Truce
5.O Brother, Where Art Thou?
6.The Big Lebowski
7.Quiz Show
9.Miller’s Crossing
10.Cradle Will Rock

Listening to Tony Marshall, outside of a mattress store, 12:31 A.M.

June 13, 2008

That is me 10-second timing a picture of myself outside of a local mattress store. At this moment, 12:31 A.M. to be exact, I am sitting on a coffee shop chair that I’ve pulled over in front of American Mattress. The outside air is much more comfortable than that of the house I reside in, so I took a short walk over here, where I hope to get a list posted before my battery runs out.

I love every piece of music that my good friend Tony Marshall has created in the last six years, which has been an astonishing amount for such a young songwriter. He has already built a big enough body of work to inspire a favorite albums list, with a favorite songs list to follow in the near future….that one needs to be thought over thoroughly before completing. I am currently listening to his 2006 full-length, the unbelievable Trash Happy, which I think is not only a masterpiece among his discography, but an essential album compared to anything I’ve heard. He is undeniably the real thing, a true artist that will be making amazing things for decades to come. For now, here is a list of my favorite albums among the dozen he’s released so far…

My 5 Favorite Tony Marshall Albums
1.The Furnace
2.Trash Happy
3.Songs Written At Night
4.Skeleton Man
5.Reminiscing About Tomorrow

The daunting task of making a 30 favorite Marshall songs will be attempted in the next day or two, with posting to follow. Everyone listen to his music whenever you get a free moment. I think you will like it. A brilliant songwriter. You can access full streams of all of his discography here.