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Neckbrace Substitute is “Leaving”

September 3, 2009

I know there has been yet another dry spell when it comes to posting around this establishment, but I assure you there has been no lying around and festering on my part. After the successful Neckbrace Substitute Music Festival 2.0 that Tony Marshall and I organized on August 15th, the world of the Neckbrace has only gotten busier. A little over two weeks ago, my good friend Robert Mathison had a spontaneous fusion of thoughts and desires which led to him writing three-fourths of a full-length screenplay in the span of an entire day. When he came to me with the idea for this new project, a drama/comedy called Leaving, I was immediately ready to take on this fairly large task in any contributing way I could. I am pleased to say that at this moment we are past the groundbreaking moments of the filming process, and have dove head first into another try at the full-length film process. Robert is the sole writer and the main star of the film, which is almost entirely based on the real life events that we are all experiencing today, and especially him. I was ecstatic when he asked if I would direct and edit the film, to say the least.

So we are off on another journey of the daunting kind, but this time with a much more organic and relaxed feeling when it comes to every aspect of the creation process. Look for more information to come on a regular basis as we steamroll through the Leaving process. We plan to have it in the can and available to you all by the end of this month.

See you soon.


Daily Neckbrace Fest 2.0 Spots begin today

July 23, 2009

Starting today and running through the day of the Neckbrace Substitute Music Festival 2.0, I will be uploading new “spots” in anticipation of the event. All of the spots will include footage of the first Neckbrace Fest, which accidentally ended up serving as simply a promotion for its sequel – which promises actual music and films.

Head on over to the “Neckbrace Substitute Music Festival 2.0” page that I made right here on this blog to check out Spot #1, and be sure to check back each and every day until the day of the masterful event. There will be a total of 24 spots before it is all said and done.

Listen To Tony Marshall’s “Centralia”

July 2, 2009